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December 06, 2016 - Two tragic recent events--the December 2 Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, CA., and the wildfires that menaced the Smoky Mountain region of Eastern TN. just days before--have resulted in dozens of fatalities and as-yet-unaccounted property damages. Investigations into both blazes are ongoing, with much to be learned about their origins and impact.


December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there was an alcohol-impaired traffic fatality every 51 minutes in 2015, with 10,265 people dying in alcohol-impaired crashes.

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December 01, 2016 - The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season concluded with 15 named storms generating seven hurricanes, three of which were considered major ones.
November 10, 2016 - Businesses opt to buy policies that reflect sizable economic costs of cyberrisk.
October 28, 2016 - Securing financial records and updating insurance coverage are important steps in creating a financial safety net.

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