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January 17, 2017 - How much does the average car cost to insure? How likely are you to be injured in a hailstorm? What are the top-10 writers of P/C insurance policies? For nearly 60 years, the Insurance Fact Book has been the definitive resource on its subject. Completely redesigned for '17, it's the go-to guide for insurers, media, legal professionals, educators, students, and consumers.


Friday's presidential inaugural ceremonies will celebrate the orderly transfer of power from one elected leader to the next. While demonstrations have often occurred on Inauguration Day throughout American history, all have been peaceable affairs.

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December 21, 2016 - Only 50 percent of homeowners said they had an inventory in a 2016 I.I.I. survey.
December 08, 2016 - Keep in mind that motorcyclists who travel on public roads or highways need an insurance policy that meets their state’s requirements as well as their individual needs.
December 01, 2016 - The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season concluded with 15 named storms generating seven hurricanes, three of which were considered major ones.